People usually giggle and laugh at the fact that we love the Cracker Barrel breakfast. We live in a city that offers so many awesome breakfast and brunch spots. We will eventually try more and more breakfast places but this past weekend was rainy, windy, and cold so we wanted something that offered comfort, which we knew the Cracker Barrel breakfast does! The waitstaff is always friendly, the food comes out fast and hot, and it always tastes great. Plus who doesn’t love a fun gift shop while you wait for you table or check out after your meal!


We both love pancakes and the Cracker Barrel offers some tasty pancakes. We have tried the regular, blueberry, and pecan pancakes…All Delicious! The blueberry and pecan pancakes have just the right amount of filling and the big portion of melted butter on top doesn’t hurt. The syrup comes in a small personal size bottle that is warm, which is a nice touch. They have regular maple syrup and blueberry as well when you order the blueberry pancakes.


Bacon & Eggs

We get the double meat breakfast just because we can’t decide on one thing to get and we share all of it!  We always double the bacon (we just aren’t big sausage fans).  Bacon comes out crisp and not overdone but not half raw either.  I always get my eggs scrambled and they are just fine here.  Nothing special to report about but cooked properly and served hot.

HIGHLIGHT- Always the biscuits….light, fluffy, piping hot and delicious!  Always served with butter and a couple different jellies.  If nothing else get these – by the dozen!!!