We have now had Dalessandro’s quite a few times since we have moved to Philly. It is super close to where we live and it is one of the best cheesesteaks in Philly, yes really!

If you want to experience an authentic Philly Cheesesteak joint, this is it! They have been around since the 60’s and are doing it right! Fresh food, quick service, and a friendly atmosphere. There is always a line out the door but they keep it moving along nicely. It is super small inside with a few seats at the bar then it is packed with people waiting to order.When you make your way up to the counter be prepared to order, then get out of the way and move to the side and/or back until your name is called. Their cheesesteaks come chopped and are amazingly perfect & delicious everytime. We enjoy ours with provolone and no onions. Also their chicken cheesesteak is a great option. They are cooked to order and take a bit longer than ordering a normal cheesesteak, but the person helping you will give you the heads up, which is nice. When your order is ready the ladies behind the counter often use a bullhorn to call your name in case you are outside where they a few seating options as well.

People that we have brought here have enjoyed their cheesesteaks with the wiz, onions, peppers, and also mushrooms. All very good! They also are cash only but do have a small ATM wedged inside in case you are in a jam.

Dalessandro’s has been a go-to spot when we have friends and family visiting. They cut their fresh rib eye daily and their cheesesteaks have been on point every time we have eaten there. Not once have we had a bad cheesesteak or wished it could be better.

As far as tipping goes. It is encouraged here. These guys are over this hot grill for hours at a time. After you pay, leave a few bucks on the counter and they will all call your name out and say Thank You! It’s a nice touch and it gets other people involved with the tips.

If you have not experienced Dalessandro’s yet get there this weekend and get yourself one. Enjoy!

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