We found this spot on Yelp in nearby East Falls and thought it sounded perfect for a Friday happy hour date night. We decided to grab two seats at the bar and get snacks and drinks. The atmosphere was cozy, warm and inviting. Despite a small bar, there were three bartenders working which meant there was no wait at all for drinks or when we were ready to order.

Happy hour meant wine was $5. She had a cabernet which was a typical house red. Nothing special, but definitely drinkable. Cocktails on the other hand were pricey. Double digits for their specialty cocktails. He had a vodka sprite. Interestingly they listed the vodka and mixer as separate line items on the bill. Tito’s was $6, well vodka $5 with a charge of $2.50 per drink for sprite….in a rocks glass. Next time we will stick with the happy hour specials. And yes, I realize the irony that we were at the “Taproom” and didn’t order beers. I have to say though that a couple next to us was asking a lot of questions about the beer selections and the staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful even offering multiple tasters so they could choose beers they would enjoy.

Food wise we ordered two selections from the “snacks” section since they were half price for happy hour and one appetizer. The snacks were pigs in a blanket (with a little twist – kielbasa) served on a bed of grainy mustard and the Hot Pub Dip (white cheddar, horseradish, leeks) that came with delicious lightly grilled bread for dipping. Since one cheese dip is never enough we also ordered the Beer Cheese Fondue that came with an assortment of pretzel bites, green apples, and broccoli for dippers. Definitely sized to share! The food came out timely and was fresh, hot, and delicious. Surprisingly the Beer Fondue had more of a kick than the Hot Pub Dip that had horseradish. Both dips had a great texture and there were more than enough dippers included although I could have eaten another whole serving of that bread!

All in all we would definitely return again, but probably during happy hour and wouldn’t order cocktails. For a smaller place, there are more than enough menu selections to keep us coming back. And the food we saw people around us eating definitely made us want to return (looking at you brussel sprouts and the wings).

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The 2 dessert selections (apple caramel cobbler or dark chocolate raspberry molten cake) didn’t strike our fancy so we ambled down the street to In Riva which proved to be an excellent decision….

Side-note: Not relevant to us but the menu is 2 sided with one side being the regular menu and the other vegetarian. The 2 menus are consistent, but the vegetarian one has substitutions (seitan wings for buffalo wings for example) or slight changes/omissions in ingredients.