We went here on a Wednesday night for his 30th birthday. We had booked reservations via Open Table for 7:30 pm and were awarded 100 points for it. We showed up at about 7:10 and the place was jammed packed. We were going to grab a drink at the bar before hand but there was just no room at this point. It’s a surprisingly small bar for such a busy and big restaurant. We checked in with the hostess and she gave us a buzzer and said we would be buzzed closer to check-in time. We lucked out because a group at the bar had their buzzer go off and they went off to their table. We grabbed two prime seats. She ordered a glass of red wine and he ordered a Brazilian Martini.

Our buzzer went off at about 7:40 and we were sat at our table. We were then greeted by our waitress. Unfortunately she is going to be our only negative in our review. She seemed upbeat and very friendly when she introduced herself and gave us her spiel about the shrimp cocktail appetizer. And by upbeat and friendly we mean she seemed like she was auditioning for a show. It wasn’t an interaction, it was a performance. We told her that we were there for his 30th birthday dinner and this is where things starting going downhill for her. She started talking about Jameson shots and told us how she was getting a big group table she had all liquored up and was excited to see what their liquor tab would be. Well, there was no redeeming herself after that because we never saw her again! No 2nd round of drinks, no how are you enjoying your experience, no can I get you anything else…. Nothing!

Now on to the good, because there was a lot of good. This place is truly magically and everything a meat lover could dream of. So if you don’t know how a Brazilian steak house works they give you a green/red coaster. The green side means that you want more meat, and the red side means no thank you. When that card was turned green the meat servers/cutters were on point. They were at your table in a blink of an eye and sometimes even two at once. The meat was super hot, fresh, and the servers were excited to tell you what they had. They were also really accommodating with asking your preferred temperature for your meat….we are medium rare people and everything was perfectly cooked. Along with the servers coming around with various types or meats you get three sides dropped at your table. Garlic mashed potatoes, cheesy bread, and fried bananas, which were all delicious. Also there is a very impressive salad bar.

Our favorite things that came around were the chicken and filet wrapped in bacon as well as the prime rib and top sirloin. After we were done eating (no short period of time) we still at this point have not seen our waitress. A manager approached us, to check up and asked how everything was. We told her everything was perfect except we haevn’t seen our waitress, no 2nd round of drinks, and need a check. Literally we hadn’t been waiting for a good 15 minutes. The manager apologized and asked us if she could comp us dessert. Of course we said sure, he wanted some birthday cake after all. She told the manager it was his birthday and she came back with a decadent of cake that said happy birthday on the plate. Nice touch.

Overall it was a wonderful place to eat. Make sure you go hungry, and that you love beef and chicken. The final bill came to $115 for two people and this did not include drinks, as we paid for the drinks at the bar. Our experience with the server was questionable, but the Gauchos walking around with the meat were plentiful, generous, and engaging. All in all maybe a once a year spot for us.