We have been to the Manayunk Brewery a few times since we have moved to Philadelphia. It seems to be a go to place for a solid dinner whether or not we have visitors in town. We love showing off that we have beautiful Manayunk right in our backyard and the Manayunk Brewery is a highlight of Main Street for sure!

Every time we have eaten at the Brewery so far (which is about 5 times) at least one person has ordered a burger.  Frequently during the week we find ourselves trying new happy hours and splitting a burger for dinner.  Continue to explore Manayunk with us to find the best burger and best burger deals! Join us on this awesome adventure. Our first stop is of course the Manayunk Brewery.



The burger at Manayunk Brewery has been a great choice just about every time we have eaten there. We have ordered a burger how we enjoy it and every single time it has come out exactly as we ordered which rarely ever happens.  We prefer our burger cooked medium rare with cheddar only. Yup you heard it…only cheddar, no lettuce, tomato, pickles, and/or of course no mayo! We are the ketchup or barbeque type for dipping only.

Alright so lets get into the reason we are here. The burger starting with the bun. We all know burger to bun ratio is key.  The bun is big enough to cover the entire burger which wins points. They also slightly toast the bun which is a nice touch.  The Burger itself is big and juicy, sometimes a little greasy (but in a good way) where a portion of the bottom of the bun is now soaked through…if you like that kind of thing.  Although we order our burgers medium rare, we have had people with us order their burgers differently and it seems they have gotten it right almost every time. Along with your burger you get some very tasty homemade chips that are very addicting which makes the whole experience that much better.

Overall the Manayunk Brewery is a fun and happening place to go. We have had much better service while sitting at one of the many bar areas that they have than at table service. The service at a table hasn’t been poor but also could use some tightening up. Reviews to follow.

Go enjoy yourself a tasty burger and chips from the Manayunk Brewery and let us know how you liked it! Cheers!

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