One of our favorite places to spot at is the Manayunk Tavern which is located right on Main Street in the Manayunk area of Philadelphia. The Manayunk Tavern offers a great draft list, nightly specials, and has both indoor and outdoor seating. We love to walk here after bringing our dog “Bagel the Beagle”  to Pretzel Park. 

The Brisket Grilled Cheese is one of our favorite menu items. We may be picky or basic eaters but we order this with brisket and cheese only. No onions or goat cheese. Sorry! No matter what our edits the sandwich always comes out right.  This awesome sandwich is on thick slide bread and stuffed with tender brisket and a good amount of cheese. The brisket grilled cheese comes with a side of fries and a very nice onion au jus.

The Pulled Pork Egg Rolls may just be my favorite thing on the menu right now. I am a big fan of egg rolls and the spicy sweet and sour sauce that comes with it is amazing! I usually order just these because they do fill me up and can also make great leftovers.

The french onion soup is on rotation/seasonal option at the Manayunk Tavern. Keep your eye out for it as we will request it once again during the fall and football season. The Tavern’s french onion soup is very tasty and served in a classic crock.