We lived in Philadelphia for almost two years before trying the Schmitter at McNallys Tavern. Since we moved here it has been on our bucket-list. We have now been to there a few times and enjoy it every time we go. McNally’s is located in the Chestnut Hill area of Philly.

The first time we went we sat at the bar. I ordered the Schmitter of course. This bad boy is composed of sliced beef, extra cheese, fried onions, tomatoes, grilled salami, and the Schmitter sauce which I get on the side. I feel this sloppy sandwich is a little less mess to eat that way!  You can also order it with ‘double meat’ which is served on a long roll instead of a kaiser for a $7 up charge. It comes with potato chips as well. McNally’s Tavern does not have french fries. When you see the size of the kitchen you will be amazed at the food they are able to push out.
I find the Schmitter to be a very tasty sandwich with a unique combination of ingredients. Each time we have been back this is what I always order up. McNally’s Tavern has a pretty decent beer list with good craft beer selections, but do not pass up on their ‘house lager’.. fantastic with any sandwich.
Other favorites from McNallys is the roast beef sandwich and the grilled chicken sandwich. The two times we have gotten the roast beef we asked how it was and both times it was med-rare.  We’ve always had it cold and while it’s not a complicated sandwich it’s perfectly done. The grilled chicken sandwich is marinated and served with lettuce and tomato on a roll. The chicken sandwich is served with their homemade honey mustard. Yes Please!  McNallys is straightforward classic food done really well.  The one thing we haven’t tried yet that we have heard is a must are the soups.  There are a rotating list of specials and they are apparently all well done.

For dessert we have tried the double chocolate cake which melts in your mouth and had a hint of espresso and the coconut cake which was moist and delicious.  We will be back again and again.