The NBC Sports Arena restaurant is located at Xfinity Live right near the sports complex in Philadelphia. We checked out the 2017 97.5 Fantasy Fest this year and went inside to see if we can grab a table. The place was very crowded with people flowing inside and out depending on the attractions/events that were taking place. We sent one person towards the busy hostess stand to try to see how long it would be for a table of four. Thankfully a reservation was a no show and we scored their table.  It was as a prime half circle booth with plenty room seating room, table space, and great views of all the tv’s.

The BBQ Chicken Wrap was great! Crispy chicken topped with bbq sauce, lettuce, pico, cheese blend, honey mustard, and wrapped in a green spinach wrap. The wrap up rolled nicely and tight so that it was easy to eat. I grabbed a side of fries with mine instead of chips.
We also ordered the BBQ pork sliders from the starters portion of the menu. This option came with three sliders with a good amount of tender bbq pork on soft brioche rolls. We ordered no coleslaw on the sliders but they had a good quantity of BBQ sauce on top of the meat. It wasn’t too saucy, but definitely not dry at all.
Especially considering the crowd, service was pretty great.  Definitely exceeded our expectations.