Where We Went

While we were exploring Main Street Manayunk we stumbled across The Couch Tomato. It is located on the corner of Main St. and Rector St.  The cafe is located on the first floor and the Bistro where we have eaten all three times is on the second and third floors. There is a small intimate bar area where we always sit which only has 5 or 6 seats. Christina has been our server/bartender every time and the service from her has been wonderful. She is also very knowledgeable on the menu and happy to make recommendations.



When you eat at the Bistro you get a complimentary biscotti with a tomato soup shooter. They change up the biscotti flavor and they all have been excellent. We enjoyed both lemon-orange and almond. It’s a nice touch that they offer this delicious starter.

We have also ordered the cheese board which we highly recommend.  If you use the groupon, you can order the cheese board as the app option. The cheese board includes two semi-soft cheeses, a semi-firm, and a firm cheese.. all very good! Also the board includes some fresh honey, nuts, grainy mustard, fig jam, and some amazing crostini.  All wonderful accompaniments.


Not only does the Couch Tomato offer traditional delicious artisan pizza but they have some interesting combinations that are very much worth a try. On our first visit we ordered the Honey Chipotle Chicken pizza which includes shaved celery, gorgonzola, mozzarella, and breaded chicken cutlet pieces. It does have a nice slow spice kick!

On our next visit we were interested in trying another pizza. We asked Christina about the Fig & Pear pizza. She said it was good but also on the sweeter side which we were okay with so we gave it a shot and we were glad we did! The Fig & Pear pizza includes gorgonzola, bacon, caramelized onion, mozzarella.

Both of these pizzas were delicious, crispy, and cooked just right. We are excited to continue to try their other pizzas as well! But give one of these two a try for sure!

Build Your Own

We are suckers for a good sandwich so the build your own instantly stuck out to us on the menu. We chose the antibiotic-free chicken option over the grass-fed beef or portobella mushroom options. The sandwiches are served on a nice local brioche roll or a gluten-free flatbread. We opted for the roll each time, it’s fantastic!

After you pick your meat you have a few other options to choose from. You pick (1) cheese, (1) sauce, and up to (3) toppings. We enjoyed the chicken with cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, bacon, and crispy prosciutto.  Who doesn’t love double pork?!?!

The sandwiches are served with fries, sweet potato fries, or house chips. Get the house chips for sure which are a highlight by themselves! Crispy, perfectly salty, with a drizzle of balsamic glaze. We always end up asking for a little extra on the side because it’s just as good to drizzled onto your pizza!

In The End

The Couch Tomato is a great local gem in downtown Manayunk. We will defiantly be frequent visitors. Make sure you stop on by and enjoy everything about this place! Cheers!